Welcome to the Hooton Park Trust!


The Hooton Park Trust was formed in 2000 to oversee and manage the restoration of the remaining WW1/2 hangars on the former RAF airfield at Hooton Park, Cheshire. The aim is to provide company conferences/seminar facilities, as well as restoring the buildings and the site itself as valuable historic artefacts in their own right.

Want to learn more?

Please look around to learn more about about the past, present and future of Hooton Park and The Hooton Park Trust.
Where you will learn more about the history behind Hooton Park and any upcoming events, and also more about the other charities who work on site, The Griffin Trust, and The Aeroplane Collection. You can become part of this great team of people by volunteering!

Did you know about our storage facility?

We have an onsite Caravan & Cherished Vehicle Storage facilty, Hooton Park Cherished Vehicle and Caravan Storage offers high quality secure storage for vehicles of all kinds at extremely competative prices, a percentage of the storage fee's even go towards renovating this historic site even further

We also have a seperate storage area.

The seperate building is indoor storage space suitable for any needs. the building has a floor space of 9.5 meters by 12.3 meters. and a height of 3.3 meters to the underside of the roof trussets. The door acess is 2.7 meters by 2 meters. Contact Details can be found on the contact us page.

Got an idea in mind?

Need an interesting venue to stage your monthly/annual club meet where you can bring and display your vehicles? Please contact The Hooton Park Trust administration and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. Please contact the Site administrator on : 0151-327-3565

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