The Hangars, Airfield Way
Ellesmere Port, CH65 1BQ
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Our volunteers are quite simply our lifeblood. Without our army of enthusiastic helpers, we certainly would not be able to maintain the site and our visitors would miss their valuable contribution in bringing a visit to life.

In the current age of the hectic lives we lead it is sometimes difficult to commit time to a project like ours however, anytime that you can spare will help, even if it is only a couple of hours a month, or even one weekend a year, every little bit helps.

Why volunteer?

There are so many different reasons to volunteer and everyone has their own reasons. However here are some of the main benefits:

  • Learn new skills;
  • Good for your C.V.;
  • Make new friends;
  • Knowing you are making a unique contribution to our work.

Our volunteers help with:

  • Gardening; Hooton Park is a large site and with the British weather it needs constant upkeep, if you fancy spending some time helping us keep the grounds tidy then please get in touch.
  • Painting; true to the old Armed Forces adage, if it does not move paint it. We have lots and lots of walls as you can see from the various photographs, if you fancy popping down for a couple of hours on a sunny day and giving us a hand then you will be more than welcome.
  • General Maintenance; as you can imagine with the size of the site there is always something that needs doing, from oiling squeaky hinges to repairing fences.

In Return

  • You will be supplied with everything that you need, most importantly cups of tea.

  • As a volunteer you would be helping to preserve our heritage for future generations.

  • You'll get to join us for our annual BBQ!

The Hooton Park Trust is a none profit Company. Company Registration No 3987530. VAT No 74 8838 769.

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