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The History

Hall 3 Hooton has a long history, in fact nearly 1000 years. As it is listed in the Doomsday Book.

    Hooton in the Doomsday Book

    Ifd. Ri Ten Hotone. Tochi tenuit. Ibi. I. Hida. 7 11. part. I hide geld. Tra. E. III Car. Ibi. IIII radmans 7 un uitts 7 IIII. Bord cu. II Car. T.R.E. ualb. Xxx. Fot 7 port. V.fotModo. Xvi. Folid.

    English Translation

    HOOTON. Toki held it; he was a free man. 1 hide paying tax. Land enough for three ploughs. 4 riders, 1 villager and 4 smallholders with 2 ploughs. Value before 1066 30 shillings (£1.50); later 5 shillings (25p): now 16 shillings(80p)

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